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Welcome to my Galleries. Here you can view a selection of my completed animal, custom pet and
family portraits in pencil, colour pencil, pastel or paint. Just click on the pictures below to go to the gallery of your choice.

The Pencil Gallery


The Colour Pencil Gallery

Colour Pencil

The Pastel Gallery


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Hopefully your pet portrait will become something to treasure for years to come and will bring back happy memories. For this reason one thing you need to consider before commissioning a portrait is selecting the right medium to best capture your pet.Pencils, pastels, acrylics and oils each have their own unique characteristics and where I am always happy to help you in your decision to choose the right medium for your pet the final choice will be yours. I hope therefore, that in addition to browsing the galleries, you find this section helpful.

Click the icons below to help you with your choice and give you a better understanding of the materials I use and the options available.

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